Completing Treatment – Transitioning to Life After Cancer

At last, the time has come when your intensive treatment is over, whether that be surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy or other treatment. This is something that you have probably been looking forward to for quite some time, but now that it has happened you may find yourself asking ‘Now what’? While you have reached another […]

How You See Yourself

This module examines some of the very personal challenges that a cancer diagnosis can bring, in addition to emotional challenges we covered in the Emotional Distress module. These include changes to how you see yourself: your body image, body confidence and sexuality; and changes in the way you define yourself (your identity and self-concept). Cancer […]

Physical Symptoms and Side Effects

This module deals with some of the cancer-treatment side effects that you may experience. Just remember that every person is different, as is the treatment they receive, so the side effects that occur for someone you know may not happen to you. You may experience a range of side effects or you may experience very […]

Emotional Distress

Most individuals with cancer experience a range of emotions throughout diagnosis and treatment, and also when treatment is completed. People we have spoken to say it can be a bit of a roller-coaster at times. Being aware of the different sorts of emotions that may arise over the next few weeks and months may help […]

Your Family and Friends

This module covers some of the major issues relating to family and friends that people experience after being diagnosed with cancer. You may find that cancer will be a beneficial experience socially, as you may meet new people and discover how supportive many friends are. Or you may have some disappointing experiences with your family […]

Getting Started

Cancer treatment and support often involves many people. It is important that you are well supported by your treatment and support team and know what to expect of each of them. They will be able to provide you with information, practical help and support. This section helps you to develop an overview of who is […]