How You See Yourself

This module examines some of the very personal challenges that a cancer diagnosis can bring, in addition to emotional challenges we covered in the Emotional Distress module. These include changes to how you see yourself: your body image, body confidence and sexuality; and changes in the way you define yourself (your identity and self-concept).

Cancer treatment can challenge your body image as it can have a very physical impact, such as change in body shape, surgical scars, having to wear a stoma (because of colorectal cancer), weight gain or loss, and hair loss.

The diagnosis and the side effects of treatment may also impact on how you think of yourself and your future. Many people find these issues difficult to come to terms with. If this is an issue for you, we have provided information, suggestions and exercises to help you adjust.

The module is divided into the following sections:

  • Body image and body confidence
  • Sexuality and intimacy issues
  • Identity concerns


Please note that not all of the information included may apply to you, so feel free to focus more on the sections that are relevant to you right now. You’ll still have the option to come back and view other pages at a later point if you find that your needs have changed.