Emotional Distress

Most individuals with cancer experience a range of emotions throughout diagnosis and treatment, and also when treatment is completed. People we have spoken to say it can be a bit of a roller-coaster at times. Being aware of the different sorts of emotions that may arise over the next few weeks and months may help you prepare for and cope with them.

This section covers some of the emotional reactions that were experienced during treatment by the people that we have spoken to. In particular, this section looks at:

  • The most commonly occurring emotional difficulties, such as feeling depressed, anxious and worried, stressed, and angry.
  • The different ways people tend to cope with these emotions.
  • Mindfulness-meditation to assist with stress-reduction.

Another module in this program covers the emotional challenges that some people experience when they complete treatment (see the Completing Treatment module).

It is normal to experience all kinds of emotions, so you may find the different worksheets helpful at different times throughout treatment, or even after you have finished treatment.