Re-arranging the order you receive your modules & making notes

Welcome to Finding My Way!

When you first see your homepage, you will see a lot of features, and it will take some time to navigate these. This tutorial guides you through the different aspects of your homepage.

We suggest you print out each page of this tutorial, to have it on hand when you start.

First of all, the top right hand corner of the screen will look like this:

Experimental LightBox Tutorial 880


The first thing we suggest you do is click the blue “My Module Order” button to look at the modules available, and to rearrange according to your preferences.

Another key feature is the ‘my notes’ – once you open a module, you can click on the ‘add note’ orange icon (at top-right of every page) and make a note about something you’ve read, or something you want to follow-up, or just to do a bit of writing. You can then access all the notes you’ve written from your home page by clicking on this ‘my notes’ tile.

Third, you can see how far through the program you are, by looking at the progress counter (it will initially say 0 percent). Over the next 6 weeks, this will build up to 100%.

Fourth: the top-right of your homepage has the log-out button. Please remember to log-out each time you finish working on the program.