Getting Started

Cancer treatment and support often involves many people. It is important that you are well supported by your treatment and support team and know what to expect of each of them. They will be able to provide you with information, practical help and support.

This section helps you to develop an overview of who is in your treatment team, and has suggestions and tips on ways of maintaining good communication with your treatment team. This module covers:

  • The likely treatments you may have and who provides them
  • How your medical treatment team will work:
    • How you can be involved in making treatment decisions
  • Communicating your needs to your team:
    • How to be assertive about your needs
    • What to do if you do not know what questions to ask
  • What to do if things do not work well – dealing with ‘miscommunication’:
    • Receiving conflicting information from different members of the treatment team, or at different points in your treatment
    • When you feel you are not receiving enough information about potential treatment outcomes, such as side effects or whether further treatment may be needed
  • Making big decisions quickly

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